Sunday, February 22, 2009

What 2nd graders talk about

Overheard in the car:

Keegan: "How come Jack isn't on the team?"

Zane: "You mean Jack G. or Jack B.?"

Keegan: "Jack B. with black hair."

Zane: "He got a concussion so he can't do sports. That's when your brain pushes against the inside of your head."

Keegan: "Ouch! How'd he do that?"

Zane: "Um, some fourth graders pushed him into a pole I think."

Keegan: "Really? Did they get in trouble?"

Zane: "No, it wasn't on purpose. It happened on accident."

Keegan: "Hey, you know what would hurt worse than that? If your head caught on fire."

Zane: "Yeah that would hurt bad probably."

Keegan: "No way you could do sports if you caught your head on fire."

Zane: "Yeah, you're right. Hey, do you know what's on the lunch menu tomorrow?"

1 comment:

Marilyn Andrews said...

slightly scary story line here, do the 4th graders push little kids into metal poles and give them concussions?